SSV Network ssv

24h: -0.34 %

7d: -7.41 %

30d: -12.68 %

34.76 USD

-0.34 %

Market Cap

$ 246287794

Total supply


Circulating Supply

$ 7085672.6472285

Total Volume

$ 15968216

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About SSV Network

SSV promotes decentralization, security, and liveness across the Ethereum consensus layer and forms the foundation of – a fully decentralized and robust ETH staking network. Using the network will be open and simple for anyone who wants to run an Ethereum validator; from DIY users all the way to staking pools and big institutional staking services. This applies to using the network both as a user or a service provider; regardless of staking configuration, as long as duties are properly executed, anyone is eligible to provide service and reap rewards for doing so.

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