Dejitaru Tsuka tsuka

24h: -2.2 %

7d: 16.1 %

30d: 18.45 %

0.04929217 USD

-2.2 %

Market Cap

$ 49376673

Total supply


Max supply


Circulating Supply

$ 1000000000

Total Volume

$ 1179985

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Price change 24h
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Price percentage 60d
Price percentage 200d

About Dejitaru Tsuka

Tsuka is a decentralized community that is centered around meditation, reflection, and research. Tsuka encourages positive community sentiment through the study of philosophical, meditative, and spiritual ideas. The developer of Tsuka communicates through etherscan to give the community clues to a puzzle or ideas to build upon achieving collective success. Tsuka’s main purpose is to organize through faith a pursuit of true decentralization, accompanied by mindfulness.

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