Centrifuge cfg

24h: -1.29 %

7d: -2.57 %

30d: -12.74 %

0.218342 USD

-1.29 %

Market Cap

$ 78612833

Total supply


Circulating Supply

$ 360263043

Total Volume

$ 366580

Other info for Centrifuge

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Price change 24h
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About Centrifuge

The centrifuge token model powers centrifuge, providing the framework needed to run the platform without reliance on a single point of failure, including the centrifuge team or Company, and to accelerate its utility. To accomplish this, centrifuge leverages the cryptoeconomic primitives of a native token called the centrifuge token (cfg), a nominated-proof-of-stake consensus algorithm that employs centrifuge to stake value, rewards for centrifuge adoption, and an on-chain governance mechanism that empowers centrifuge holders to guide the development of centrifuge.

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